Grievance and Discipline Proceduresnance

Grievance and Discipline Procedures of the Wireless LAN Association

All members agree to behave, at WLA events, in a respectful manner - one which upholds the Philosophy of the Association and adheres to its Code of Ethics and Conduct.

However, owing to the nature of interpersonal interactions, disputes and other problems can, on rare occasions, occur.

While we hope that our members will be able to remedy any such matter, peacefully between themselves, if the issue is considered to be more serious, the Association’s leadership may be called upon to assist in finding a resolution.

If a complaint is reported to have occurred during a WLA event, or on a WLA forum, an investigation will be conducted by an officer appointed by the Association's President. Obviously, privacy will be maintained, as far as possible, and any investigation will be conducted in a discreet manner. It is not the WLA’s intent to embarrass anyone, however it is the WLAs responsibility to ensure that its members are able to interact in a safe environment.

If a complaint is substantiated, sanctions may be imposed by the Executive Committee (with the Association President’s authorization), up to and including termination of membership, of that Member, in the Association.

However, if a Member engages in conduct that publicly discredits or disgraces the Wireless LAN Association, whether or not a complaint is brought to the Executive Committee by another Member, the Executive Committee reserves the right to revoke that person’s Membership in the Association.