Code of Ethics and Conduct

Code of Ethics and Conduct of the Wireless LAN Association

Members of the Wireless LAN Association are expected to adhere to a Code of Ethics and Conduct as professionals in this industry and, as members and/or representatives of the Wireless LAN Association, are expected to maintain a reputable standard of behavior.

To sustain and advance the integrity, honor, and prestige of the WLAN profession, members shall:

  1. Remain current about technological developments in the field, so that they will retain a high standard of skill and knowledge.
  2. Contribute to the exchange of technical/professional information while retaining a confidential relationship with people and organizations served. (This includes, but is not limited to, participation in educational activities as a learner and, when feasible, a teacher.)

In addition, Members of the Wireless LAN Association agree to, and shall:

  • exercise integrity in Association interactions,
  • recognize and commit to maintaining the confidential relationships that exist between Members and their employers and/or clients, and protect from disclosure to third parties any information acquired during the practice of their profession unless granted permission from proprietors of that information,
  • provide accurate information to consumers, clients, and employers about the WLAN profession and services offered,
  • act with strict impartiality when giving independent advice to a client or employer. (In the event that the advice given is currently or potentially influential to the Member's personal benefit, full and detailed disclosure to all relevant interested parties shall be made at the time the advice is provided.)
  • exercise technical and professional competence in their respective areas of certification and its specialties. (A Member shall disclose to the employer or client any pertinent known limitations. A Member shall not deliberately withhold vital information from the employer or client.)
  • not deliberately destroy or diminish the value or effectiveness of a WLAN through acts of commission or omission,
  • refrain from knowingly claiming competence that they do not demonstrably possess. Further, members shall not attempt to obtain certification by fraud or deception. Members shall not misrepresent a material fact or fail to make a statement of material fact in a representation of qualifications to other WLA Members or any of its Committees,
  • qualify themselves when expressing an opinion outside their professional competence in the event that such an opinion could be used improperly,
  • not take unfair advantage of the lack of knowledge or inexperience of others,
  • comply with laws, bylaws, and regulations governing the WLAN profession and industry,
  • not knowingly enter into a legal or contractual relationship with a party whose interests conflict, or are likely to conflict, with their own, unless that interest has been disclosed in advance to all parties involved,
  • have special regard for the potential effects of WLANs on individuals’ rights to privacy,
  • respect intellectual property rights, including copyrights, patents, and trademarks,
  • promote appropriate standards of professional behavior, and
  • behave in a manner conducive to standard expectations in a professional workplace (i.e., not engage in sexual, ethnic, religious, or any other forms of harassment, not exhibit dishonesty, not purport themselves in an offensive manner with regard to language or other interpersonal behavior).

Breach of any of this code of ethics and conduct may result in suspension, or termination, of membership and the Executive Committee of the Wireless LAN Association reserves the right to make such determination.


Governing Documents

See the Association website for copies of its current governing documents.


Explanation of page: Code of Ethics focuses on values or principles. On the other hand, Code of Conduct is focused on compliance and rules. This page combines these two concepts because we feel that these are integrally related for professionals within this industry.