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Code of Ethics and Membership Agreement
for the Wireless LAN Association

Purpose of Association

As stated in the Association’s Bylaws, the purpose of this Association shall be threefold:

to open discussions, from a practical viewpoint, with industry regulatory and manufacturing organizations with a view to improving the overall quality of all aspects of the wireless networking industry,

to provide a standardized methodology best practices framework for the design, deployment, and validation of wireless networks to its membership, and

to provide a platform to its members on which they can discuss, develop, and learn about industry best practices in an open and welcoming environment.

Philosophy of Association

The philosophy of the Association shall be based upon the following foundation principles, and these will guide its activities in support of its stated purpose:

Principle 1 - Impartiality

  1. The WLA is a vendor-neutral organization
  2. In its effort to remain neutral in all things, the WLA shall not promote one provider or vendor’s products or services, over another
  3. In its effort to remain neutral in all things, the WLA shall not disparage any provider or vendor’s products or services
  4. All interested parties, over the age of eighteen, are welcome to become members of the WLA, regardless of race, gender, creed, sexual orientation, education level, career choice, political viewpoint, or advanced age

Principle 2 – Integrity and Reliability

  1. All actions of Members of the WLA, in regard to their wireless-related profession(s), shall be performed with Integrity
  2. Reliability - if an authorized representative, i.e., President, of the Wireless LAN Association commits the Association to an action, Executive Officers and Members are expected to be supportive of that action, and assist in performing that action (as far as they are able)

Principle 3 – Respect

  1. An overarching Philosophy of the WLA is respect for diverse points of view and encouragement new modes of thought
  2. The WLA welcomes differing opinions and expects its members to respect each other by patiently listening to the viewpoints of others, and discussing alternatives in a professional manner
  3. Members are expected to behave in a manner conducive to a standard work environment, adhering to the basic Human Resources protocols for interaction with others.

Member Code of Ethics

To sustain and advance the integrity, honor, and prestige of the WLAN profession, members shall:

1. Remain current about technological developments in the field, so that I may retain a high standard of skill and knowledge.

2. Contribute to the exchange of technical/professional information while retaining a confidential relationship with people and organizations served. (This includes, but is not limited to, participation in educational activities as a learner and, when feasible, a teacher.)

In addition, Members of the Wireless LAN Association agree to:

  • Recognize and commit to the confidential relationships that exist between members and their employers and/or clients, and protect from disclosure to third parties any information acquired during the practice of their profession unless granted permission from proprietors of that information
  • Comply with laws, bylaws, and regulations governing the WLAN profession and industry
  • Provide accurate information to consumers, clients, and employers about the WLAN profession and services offered
  • Promote appropriate standards of professional behavior
  • Respect intellectual property rights, including copyrights, patents and trademarks
  • Refrain from knowingly claiming competence that they do not demonstrably possess. Members shall not take unfair advantage of the lack of knowledge or inexperience of others.
  • Not deliberately destroy or diminish the value or effectiveness of a WLAN through acts of commission or omission.
  • Exercise technical and professional competence in their respective areas of certification and its specialties. (A Member shall disclose to the employer or client any pertinent known limitations. A Member shall not deliberately withhold vital information from the employer or client.)
  • Act with strict impartiality when giving independent advice to a client or employer. In the event that the advice given is currently or potentially influential to the Member's personal benefit, full and detailed disclosure to all relevant interested parties shall be made at the time the advice is provided.
  • Not knowingly enter into a legal or contractual relationship with a party whose interests conflict, or are likely to conflict, with their own, unless that interest has been disclosed in advance to all parties involved.
  • Have special regard for the potential effects of WLANs on individuals’ rights to privacy.
  • Qualify themselves when expressing an opinion outside their professional competence in the event that such an opinion could be used improperly.
  • Exercise integrity in Association interactions. Members shall not attempt to obtain certification by fraud or deception. Members shall not misrepresent a material fact or fail to make a statement of material fact in a representation of qualifications to other WLA Members or any of its Committees.

Association Membership Subscription Fees

All Members are expected to pay their Association membership subscription fees when they become due.

After a grace period of one month, the Member’s membership of the Association will automatically move into “expired” status.

No refunds – full or partial – are available for membership fees.

Members - Expectations

It is expected that all Members will generally adhere to the philosophies of the Association and the commitments as outlined above.

All Members of the Association are representatives of the Association and shall be expected to act in a manner conducive to its philosophy and, wherever possible, to promote the Association by building bridges and fostering relationships with organizations that will work with the WLA to help realize its full potential and purposes.

Further, Members are expected to actively interact with other Members and seek opportunities to become involved with Committees and other Association activities, for their own edification, and to help build and promote the Association.


For Association grievance and discipline procedures please see separate Grievance and Discipline Procedures document.

For Association elections information, please see separate Election Guidelines document.