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Terms of Service / Terms and Conditions of Membership
for the Wireless LAN Association

Purpose of Association

As stated in the Association’s Bylaws, the purpose of this Association shall be threefold:

  1. to open discussions, from a practical viewpoint, with industry regulatory and manufacturing organizations with a view to improving the overall quality of all aspects of the wireless networking industry,
  2. to provide a standardized methodology best practices framework for the design, deployment, and validation of wireless networks to its membership, and
  3. to provide a platform to its members on which they can discuss, develop, and learn about industry best practices in an open and welcoming environment.

Philosophy of Association

The philosophy of the Association shall be based upon the following foundation principles, and these will guide its activities in support of its stated purpose:

Principle 1 - Impartiality

  1. The WLA is a vendor-neutral organization
  2. In its effort to remain neutral in all things, the WLA shall not promote one provider or vendor’s products or services, over another
  3. In its effort to remain neutral in all things, the WLA shall not disparage any provider or vendor’s products or services
  4. All interested parties, over the age of eighteen, are welcome to become members of the WLA, regardless of race, gender, creed, sexual orientation, education level, career choice, political viewpoint, or advanced age

Principle 2 – Integrity and Reliability

  1. All actions of Members of the WLA, in regard to their wireless-related profession(s), shall be performed with Integrity
  2. Reliability - if an authorized representative, i.e., President, of the Wireless LAN Association commits the Association to an action, Executive Officers and Members are expected to be supportive of that action, and assist in performing that action (as far as they are able)

Principle 3 – Respect

  1. An overarching Philosophy of the WLA is respect for diverse points of view and encouragement new modes of thought
  2. The WLA welcomes differing opinions and expects its members to appreciate each other by patiently listening to the viewpoints of others, and discussing alternatives in a professional and respectful manner
  3. Members are expected to behave in a manner conducive to a standard professional work environment, adhering to basic workplace protocols for interaction with others (i.e., no harassment, no victimization, etc.)

Association Membership Subscription Fees

All Members are expected to pay their Association membership subscription fees when they become due.

After a grace period of one month, the Member’s membership of the Association will automatically move into “expired” status.

No refunds – full or partial – are available for membership fees.

Members - Expectations

It is expected that all Members will generally adhere to the philosophies of the Association, its Code of Ethics and Conduct, and the commitments as outlined above.

All Members of the Association are representatives of the Association and shall be expected to act in a manner conducive to its philosophy and, wherever possible, to promote the Association by building bridges and fostering relationships with organizations that will work with the WLA to help realize its full potential and purposes.

Further, Members are expected to actively interact with other Members and seek opportunities to become involved with Committees and other Association activities, for their own edification, and to help build and promote the Association.

Members - Additional Rules

Members are to familiarize themselves with, and adhere to the guidance within, all WLA published documents: Bylaws, Governance, Code of Ethics and Conduct, Grievance and Discipline Process, and Election Guidelines.

Pursuant to WLA's Principle 1 (Impartiality), Members are not permitted to advertise Products and Services through WLA sources, i.e., WLA Slack, WLA Twitter, WLA Website, etc.

Members will refrain from making public disparaging remarks about WLA, its Leadership, and its Members.


For Association code of ethics, see separate Code of Ethics document.

For Association grievance and discipline procedures please see separate Grievance and Discipline Procedures document.

For Association elections information, please see separate Election Guidelines document.