The WLA Pod-a-thon

Review of Event

This event has now passed, but here is a summary of what happened…

We received over 270 registrants, many of whom attended most sessions. Every session, throughout the whole 13 hours, was extremely well attended – so a big shout out to our stalwart attendees: THANK YOU for spending time with us!

The day was filled with podcasts of all types – we heard general “banter”, witnessed some more serious technology discussions, received technical presentations, were introduced to new technology/updates, and had a LOT of fun, with some of the presenters making us cry with laughter! The standard of the presentations was extremely high.

In order of appearance, we watched:

  • Words with Peter and Alan – Peter Mackenzie and Alan Blake
  • Hidden Node – Nick Turner and Joel Crane
  • Wi-Fi Ninjas – Mac Deyring and Matt Starling
  • Nordic Wi-Fi – Jussi Kiviniemi, Adrian Granados, Wes Purvis, and Petri Riihikallio
  • The Wi-Fi Channel – Dennis Klein, Bastiaan de Beer, and Mark Raats
  • WLAN Professionals – Keith Parsons, Laura Chappell, Manon Lessard, and Heather Williams
  • Wireless Pubcast – Dan Jones, Alan Blake, Ryan Dodds, and Kristian Roberts
  • Spatial Streams – Landon Foster, John Deegan, and Lariana Peixoto
  • Clear to Send – Rowell Dionicio and Francois Verges
  • Whiskey and Wireless – Sam Clements and Ryan Adzima
  • Channel 42 – Phil Morgan, Troy Martin, and Tor Olsen

We want to give a shout out to all these presenters and their guests (apologies if we missed anyone) – and send a HUGE thank you for them donating their time and talents to help a very worthy cause. Thank you everyone – you were fantastic!

We started the day with the goal of – hopefully – raising $1,000 for the Global Giving Coronavirus Relief Fund. Instead, thanks to the generosity of the attendees and participants we almost QUADRUPLED our goal! The end-of-day total came in at $3,763. This was far beyond our expectations.

We want to make a “special mention” of thanks – WLA’s own Matthew Wenham, without whom no-one would have known about this event! He worked tirelessly to get the word out to everyone and did an admirable job. Thank you Matthew!

Thank you to everyone involved – it was an awesome day with lots of fun and everyone had a great time!

UPDATE: *and* people are still donating 2 days after the event… and we have, officially, QUADRUPLED our original goal! THANK YOU!!!



Overview of Event

COVID-19 lockdown got you down? Bored with working from home? Want to reignite your passion for Wi-Fi? Come and join us for some crazy fun!

Prepare yourself to spend 13 incredible hours in the presence of the world’s best Wi-Fi podcasters!

If you can’t spare the full 13 hours come and go, as you please, throughout the day.

Event Details

Date: Monday, May 18, 2020

Start time: 6:00AM (USA Pacific) / 9:00AM (USA Eastern) / 2:00PM (London)

Duration: 13 hours

To register: registration has closed for this event

Key Words: #WLAPodaThon #FeedYourPassion #JoinTheExcitement #Crazy #Unique #Exclusive #Distinguished #Illustrious #Respected

Associated Charity

As we all know, there are a lot of people who are REALLY struggling at the moment – financially, emotionally, physically, and in many other ways, too. We thought it would be nice, since our membership is global, to try to reflect our diversity and support a global aid organization.

We have: Peter & Alan, Wi-Fi Ninjas, Nordic Wi-Fi, The Wi-Fi Channel, WLAN Pros, Wireless Pubcast, Hidden Node, Spatial Streams, Clear to Send, Whiskey & Wireless and Channel 42 providing quality content. All we ask is that you can donate, in any way you can, to our chosen charity which is working to alleviate some of the hardships caused by this worldwide pandemic.

Please consider donating here…

Although no amount is too small, we understand that many people are not in a position to help others, finanically, at this time. If you can help – thank you. If you want to, but can’t – we understand (don’t beat yourself up). If you can, but don’t want to – that’s fine, too.

Interested in being part of this project?

Please contact project leads: Peter Mackenzie, Alan Blake, and/or Rie Vainstein, for more details

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