WLA Committees

Standards Committee

The purpose of the Standards Committee is to codify a set of framework guidelines for WLAN definition/assessment, design, implementation, and validation which will benefit the WLAN industry as a full life-cycle standard.

Operations Committee

The Operations Committee's purpose is to manage the day-to-day practical running of the Association.

The role of this Committee is, among other things, to oversee meetings, schedules, projects (including Mentoring), events, local chapters, newsletters, outreach, website, and all aspects of membership.

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Ready to Apply?

If you have a usable skillet - or just lots of enthusiasm! - and would like to help the Wireless LAN Association, let us know!

We rely solely on volunteers to make this association work: we are all volunteers who have regular "day jobs." We each offer our spare time, and skills, to help the organization grow.

No amount of voluntary time is too small.

All we ask is that, if you volunteer and commit to do something for us, that you fulfill your commitment. 🙂