Tuesday, December 6, 2022

6:00pm (Paris / Europe) / 5:00PM (London, UK) / 12:00PM (USA Eastern) / 9:00AM (USA Pacific)


WEBINAR We all know the importance of regular checkups with your medical doctor to maintain optimal health. It is no different for your Wi-Fi: you need to make regular checks to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Sometimes, you have questions, but who to call? Where is the “doctor” for your Wi-Fi? Today, luckily, the doctor is in and is ready and waiting to answer your Wi-Fi questions! Make your appointment without delay!

SPEAKER Peter Mackenzie is an engineer, instructor, and author based in the UK. He is an internationally recognized expert in Wi-Fi and, by day, is the Head of Technical Operations for UK-based company MarQuest. Peter not only provides classroom instruction to multiple types of corporate clients, but also consulting services. His customers include retail, education, and government. He also serves as President of the Wireless LAN Association (WLA).

Hosted by: Wireless LAN Association

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