Benefits of WLA Membership

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By joining the WLAN Association, you become part of an organization that is completely focused on Wi-Fi

Membership offers you a chance to collaborate, engage, interact, and learn from professionals and experts within a community of like-minded individuals.

Not only this, but you can also keep abreast of cutting-edge changes within Wi-Fi technology and you will be able to network with fellow professionals to expand your network!

WLA membership offers the following benefits:

  • Wi-Fi community forum
  • Access to our "members-only" Mentoring Program
  • Local chapter events and networking opportunities with other Wi-Fi Professionals
  • Informative technical webinars
  • Information on WLA-recommended certifications and training programs
  • Industry Wi-Fi event calendar
  • Collaborate with others on various projects
  • Stay up to date with our Newsletter
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