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By joining the WLAN Association, you become part of an organization that is completely focused on Wi-Fi

Membership offers you a chance to collaborate, engage, interact, and learn from professionals and experts within a community of like-minded individuals.

Not only this, but you can also get involved with the development of WLAN design standards, keep abreast of cutting-edge changes within Wi-Fi technology, you will be able to network with fellow professionals to expand your network, and a great deal more!

WLA membership offers the following benefits:

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Another Reason to Join - We Need You

As if you needed further convincing, what real benefit is served by you aligning with WLA?

The purpose of the WLA was once explained to me, like this...

WLA venn v1

In the Wireless Industry we have the IEEE. As you probably already know, one of the IEEE's purposes is to create and publish the set of industry "standards" by which manufacturers voluntarily abide so that their respective devices can interact with one another.

The WiFi Alliance represents the major group of industry device manufacturers - from chipsets to switches to phones (anything involved with wireless).

We are talking about companies like companies such as Acer, Aerohive, AMD, Apple, AT&T, Broadcom, Cisco, Comcast, Dell, Intel, LG, Microsoft, Nokia, Qualcomm, Samsung, Sony, Texas Instruments, etc. - and who implement the IEEE's standards into their products.

Then we have the implementers - the "boots on the ground" as it were - the engineers who have to make the devices work with one another, day after day, implementation after implementation. The IEEE is a respected and well-established organization, as is the WiFi Alliance... but there is no-one to speak for the engineers.

There is no one association that is "big" or "weighty" enough to approach these organizations and say, "Hey, we have this practical implementation issue and we think that this problem might be solved by (a) or (b) or (c)..."

The Wireless LAN Association is an organization of professional engineers that aims to fill that gap. But we can only do that if you help us. As the old saying goes, "There is strength in numbers." As we build this organization, through membership, we will gain the respect of other organizations such as the WiFi Alliance, and have them listen to us so that, together, we can make the Wireless Industry stronger and better.

One of the main reasons we want you to join us is to help us give YOU a voice in the industry.

Plus we are a great group of people! 🙂 You can gain knowledge, get advice, and network - which is never a bad thing!

We are all volunteers and are passionate about the Wireless Industry. Come and join us - sign up today!

~Rie Vainstein, CEO WLA